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Welcome to RIVEO

Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of rivers and discover all of the secrets of aquatic life at the RIVEO Centre.

Situated on the river Ourthe, in Hotton, our River Interpretation Centre takes you into the hidden depths of the natural watery world we find all around us.
For example, do you think that an ordinary pond has nothing to offer but a few lilies and frogs? Allow us to show you otherwise. These small expanses of water are literally teeming with life. Spend a little time finding out for yourself! 
The flora and fauna blend beautifully to offer you a genuine aquatic spectacle in all its natural splendour


CGT 4 soleils

A small reconstituted stretch of river 12 metres long and a series of 16 aquariums take you on a journey to discover the fish that live in our rivers. Enjoy the flora in our lovely theme-base gardens spread out over 1500 m². Our visitors love it! View their opinions.

Fancy coming and visit us? Take a look at our page of practical information and find out about our opening times and entrance charges. And don’t forget to take a look at our agenda so that you can take advantage of our nature and fishing activities 2019!
RIVEO is proud to show you another side of the river Ourthe and other rivers. To enable you to take full advantage, we suggest you have a look at our Nature and Fishing Attractions. And pay a visit to our partners and neighbours who also work hard every day putting the Belgian Ardennes and the Province of Luxembourg in the spotlight!

While visiting Riveo, ask for your discount PASS and get reductions when visiting our partners.

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