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Who would have believed it? 
Behind the gates of our imposing building there are 1500 m² of gardens!
Simply come on in and enjoy their beauty!
Go back in time as you stroll through our monastic garden, then fast-forward centuries to our Moorish gardens. Then you’ll just be a stone’s throw away from the renaissance garden, after getting well and truly lost in our maze. A contemporary garden awaits you at the end of your journey. From yesteryear right through to today, the plants here are an integral part of our History.

Fountains, water features and monumental sculptures all add to the beauty of the spaces and invite you to relax.

Entrance to our gardens is included in all of tickets. So don’t hesitate and treat yourself and your family to a delightfully unexpected journey of discovery. Contact us for more information.


Jardins P.Willemsjardins RiveoJardins P.Willemsjardins Riveo